Cut & Bent Steel

More and more contractors are realising the advantages of using cut & bent steel rebars. It helps them to save on overhead labours, wastage and most importantly time. These savings are the key factors for a profitable construction project.

BRC ARABIA (LLC) helps in achieving this by producing and supplying cut and bent steel rebars to various types of projects. We produce it in accordance with BS, International standards and ACI.

BRC ARABIA (LLC) has a professional team of Engineers and Technicians who ensure the production of quality products as per client's bar lists and in compliance with BS4466 / BS8666 or ACI 318. Whenever requested by client, BRC ARABIA (LLC) can prepare bar bending schedules (BBS).

BRC ARABIA (LLC) uses only high quality steel from approved and well established mills. We can supply steel rebars to BS4449 (2005) and ASTMA615 specification (Table 1). Mill certificates can be provided upon request.

BS4449 : 2005 B 500B 485 N/mm2
ASTM A615 60 60,000 psi

Diameters and Properties of Steel Rebars :

Nominal Diameter (mm)
Weight Kg / Im Cross Sectional Area (mm2)
6 0.222 28.30
8 0.395 50.30
10 0.617 78.50
12 0.888 113.0
14 1.210 154.0
16 1.580 201.0
18 1.998 254.0
20 2.470 314.0
22 2.984 380.0
25 3.853 491.0
32 6.313 804.0
40 9.865 1257.0

Preferred Shapes TO BS4466

BRC can supply bars bent to the following preferred shape codes:


BRC can supply bars bent to the following preferred shape codes :